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The former CEO at Garden of Hope, Chi Hui-Jung (紀惠容), has been elected for a seat on the National Human Rights Commission for the Taiwanese Government Control Yuan
  Countdown to the 4th World Conference of Women's Shelters
Investing in Girls, Investing in the Future
Girls learn to be who they can be at the 2018 Asian Girls Power Camp in Taiwan
Building a Path to Gender Equality and Justice in Taiwan
Go the Second Mile, #MeToo March, GOH Stands Behind You
The Main Promoter of Garden of Hope Foundation!
"30 Years of GOH" Commemorative Events Press Conference
GOH Exchange Experiences with Mongolian Professionals
CEO of the GOH Becomes the New Chairwoman of the GNWS
The GOH Turns 30
2017 GOH V-Men Charity Run
Half Marathon at Chiayi Air Base in Chiayi County
GOH Statement:No Pay Back, Only Constructive Dialogue
10th Anniversary GOH Hualien Office and Relocation Liturgy
Formosan Girl Awards and Asian Girl Awards Ceremony
Girl Ambassadors Met Mayor of Taoyuan and Local Girls
Fight for Girls:The Press Conference of Taiwan Girls’ Day
ANWS Members Visited Office of the President
2017 Asian Conference of Women’s Shelters in Taipei
Importance of Shelter Transformation
【V-Men】2017 V-Men Run Press Conference
【GOH Activity】Gender Violence Workshop in East Asian Democracy Forum
Our response to the new Labor Standards Act
【GOH Activity】Press Conference on "Shi-Di Episode III" in Taipei
【GOH Activity】Press Conference
East Asia Democracy Forum: Strengthening Democracy in Asia
【Asian Girl Campaign】Open for Asian Girl Ambassador Nominations
【GOH Event】CSW61 Women’s Shelters Parallel Event
【GOH Event】the Garden of Hope Hosted a Parallel Event in CSW61
「Guardian of Freedom」 program won the Quality News Award
【OBR】Series of Activities in Taitung
I, Claudia showing support for the Garden of Hope
Independent dormitory finds a new home
【GOH Activity】Myth and Limitation in the Intimate Relationship
【GOH Activity】Muse or Myth of Happiness?
Hsinchu Christmas Market supports the Garden of Hope
GOH Organized Weddings for Teen Parents
Support the Garden of Hope at the Hsinchu Christmas Market
GOH Held First Sexual Assault Awareness Workshop in Kenya
V-Men Run Brings Asia's Biggest OBR Event
"Asian Girl Campaign" 2016 Girl Awards Ceremony
Migrant Worker Sexual Abuse Prevention Training Program
Employer and Brokers Should Take Major Responsibility on Sexual Assault of Domestic Migrant Worker
Boys can cry: GOH calls for men to express their emotions and join the V-Men Run
Rada Boric speaks to Taiwanese women
Sustainable Development Goals top the agenda at the 60th Commission on the Status of Women
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