Be READY to fight #COVID19: Pandemic Support - for Survivors to Go the Second Mile

Be READY to fight #COVID19:

Pandemic Support- for Survivors to Go the Second Mile


The Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) develops a program “Go the Second Mile” to help rebuild the lives of survivors of domestic violence after they leave emergency shelters. It aims to give disadvantaged families additional help to escape the shadow of violence, gain economic independence, and reduce dependence on social services.

In this mid-May when the Taiwanese government raised the national epidemic alert to level 3, our social workers here at the GOH immediately reached out to domestic violence victims. It was clear that the pandemic had hit them hard.

“The manager said that since we don’t have any customers, we don’t need to come to work. But I still need money to raise my kids, pay the rent and cover everyday living expenses. I don’t know how we are going to survive next month”.  Over half of these women work in the service industry, as part time or hourly workers.  For these women, who were already struggling, it has only exacerbated their plight.


After separating from her husband, Xiao Ping was left to raise her four children and became the sole breadwinner for her family. Last year, Xiao Ping was forced to quit her job when her employer began withholding wages, and although she found a new job, the company decided to let go of its new workers when the pandemic hit. With only enough savings to cover living expenses for the next three months, Xiao Ping and her children suddenly found themselves in a difficult situation.


As the national epidemic alert was raised to level 3, many women were subsequently made redundant or were unable to go to work, leaving them facing financial hardship. Despite the pandemic, the GOH continues to provide its services, all while closely adhering to government-issued guidelines. The Garden of Hope Foundation is launching its “Be READY to fight #COVID19” project to support those who are facing difficulties as a result of the pandemic.


Be READY to fight #COVID19: Pandemic Support- for survivors to Go the Second Mile


We hope that we can come together as a society to fight COVID-19 without forgetting to “go the extra mile” for domestic violence victims.


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