"Asian Girl Campaign" 2016 Girl Awards Ceremony 2016/11/03
▲2016 Asian Girl Award Winners and Ambassadors group photo.

By Min-Yeh Ho, Media Specialist, Civic Dialogue Department, GOH Headquarters, translated by Peko Ku

On the eve of International Day of the Girl Child, the Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) held the 14th Formosan Girl Awards and the 4th Asian Girl Awards Ceremony. There were fifty seven girl nominees. Awards included three of each from Special Creation Award, Sports Award, Community Management Award, Courage & Adventure Award, and Mathematical Science Award, in total of fifteen Formosan Girl Awards winners. In addition, the 4th Asian Girl Awards were given to winners of Asian Girl Human Rights and Asian Girl Community Development.

Hui-Jung Chi, the CEO of the GOH, said as long as girls are given the opportunity, they will fulfill their potentials and contribute to society. She also called on community needs to see the value of girls and echo on United Nation’s appeal: investment in girls is equal to invest the world’s future.

The 4th Asian Girl Human Rights Award Winner and Asian Girl Community Development Award Winner were Hadiqa Bashir from Pakistan, and Zolzaya Ganbold from Mongolia. In Pakistan where female has little human rights, women can only count as a half of a witness, and Hadiqa has been committed to abolishing child marriage in the country. Hadiqa wants girls to master their own life, and she also brought a special poetry recitation performance in Urdu language. Zolzaya used a Mongolian traditional song to win the full house over.

Ms. Chi stated that the shiny girls on the stage today are the result of hard earned efforts of many Taiwanese. She encouraged people to give out thanks, and to pay back to the land of Taiwan in order to empower more girls who are still in a vulnerable situation. In this regard, GOH also called on Taiwan society to see the vulnerable situation of Asian girls, including child marriage, female infanticide, and deprivation ofeducation. These problems need more advocacy and concerns to ignite girls’ power and treat them better.

Every year GOH gives award winners rings to symbolize “Girls Rock”. The ring this year is designed and sponsored by the well-known jewelry brand Just Gold. Just Gold expressed their support for GOH’s core value of “treat girls well and ignite girls’ power" by shaping Foundation’s logo with stereoscopic design. GOH expects girls in various fields to show multiple potentials and cherish their self-expression.

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