Formosan Girl Awards and Asian Girl Awards Ceremony 2017/10/25
Asian Girl Ambassadors.

The Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) hosted 15th Formosan Girl Awards and 5th Asian Girl Awards Ceremony on October 9th. Taiwanese girl Victoria Hwang, who established a platform for survivors of sexual violence and advocated the reform of school uniform, won Asian Girls Human Rights Award. Flory Joy Alvarez from the Philippines won Asian Girls Community Development Award for addressing community water problems. CEO of GOH Hui-Jung Chi said, “Even today gender inequality is a serious problem in Asia, so we will continue to fight for girls in the future.” She also called for societies to invest in girls and to give them more opportunities because girls have unlimited potential. She encourages girls to always have confidence in themselves and to bravely chase their dreams!


The Formosan Girl Awards have five major categories including Community Development, Courage and Adventure, Creativity, Math and Technology, and Sports. Each category has three winners, but a Special Award was added this year. The nominated girls’ recommended information this year including different family backgrounds, single parent, intergenerational and more to introduce the reality of different social units to remove any existing stigmas. In addition, the girls admitted the lessons learned from their suffering, such as bullying. From this we can see a new generation of Taiwanese girls gradually learning how to reach out from outside help and not be shamed and rendered voiceless. During the ceremony, the girls had diabolo, guitar, dances and other lively performances for the talent show. A video with previous award winners was also made to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Formosan Girl Awards.


CEO of GOH Hui-Jung Chi expressed, “The Formosan Girl Awards have been celebrated for 15 years. Throughout the years we have seen society’s improvement with women slowly emerging and letting people see their precious value. Today, the government has responded to GOH’s initiative and d Taiwan Girls’ Day. Many county governments have also started their own classes and programs, and even have built a Center for Girls to empower girls. GOH hosts a Power Camp that has educated over 1,000 participants. The Formosan Girl Awards has also extended to Asian Girl Awards. GOH is happy to see these results. We have seen Taiwan starts to officially cherish a girl’s value and is willing to use policy to support it. This is all due to a worth of GOH’s supporters more than a decade who have made it possible. Therefore, GOH can continue to build a friendly environment for girls.”


Over 200 girls have been awarded the Formosan Girl Awards over the years. The first generation of winners’ average age is 30, and they all currently reside in Taiwan but glowing from the international stage. Step by step, this award from GOH reveals the value of girls. From the program of Girl Awards, the girls can voice for themselves and show their energies not only in Taiwan, but also in all Asian societies.

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