【GOH Activity】Press Conference on "Shi-Di Episode III" in Taipei 2017/06/14
▲Press conference on "Shi-Di Episode III" in Taipei.

On May 3, the Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) held a press conference to publicize Shi-Di Episode III: The Fantastic Journey of Uterus and Vagina, of which Hsiang-Tzu Liu, the famous actress and public welfare ambassador, was invited to be the representative. She was touched by a video she watched describing a girl feels scared for her unplanned pregnancy. She also hoped people would support Shi-Di Episode III because small efforts could be combined and become great influence.

Following the recent regrettable incident that a female writer committed suicide after being seduced and raped by a tutor, incidents about violating women’s body have drawn much attention. We hurt many people unintentionally because of sex-based stereotype. For example, regarding unplanned pregnancies, girls might think it’s a way of love, but in fact, you own your body and you can say no. Hsiang-Tzu Liu appealed that people should not tolerate sexual harassment and perpetrators, and the victims should seek third-party forces such as GOH to help them.

After going through some important social topics, including sexual assault / sexual abuse / sexual exploitation in Shi-Di Episode I, and the violence in intimate relationships / children who witness it in Shi-Di Episode II, GOH finishes Shi-Di Episode III this year. Unlike the heavy and profound complaints in the previous two, Shi-Di Episode III focuses on sex-based discrimination. It presents sex-based discrimination which is everywhere in daily life through teenage girls’ experience of final days of pregnancy (feeling like the world is going to end), women’s autonomy in childbirth, anxiety over menopause (monologue about saying goodbye to menstruation), threats of sexual violence that transgender people are faced with, and the bullying in campus or workplace that men and boys with femininity, like Yong-zi Yeh, are faced with.

This is also the first time in the Shi-Di Episode Trilogy that GOH has invited transgender people to play the role of transgender characters. GOH employee Taifu Chuang, who plays the young transgender character, said acting in the play alongside with transgender people is no different than acting with other people. According to his observation, when transgender people realize they want to be of the opposite sex, they start learning the opposite sex’s behavior. Therefore, they have the characteristics of both sexes, which is a very special kind of personality. He also thought in the society they should provide in a way that these transgender people are comfortable with, with space where they can freely express themselves, and treated with kindness.

CEO of GOH Hui-Jung Chi also indicated our culture is filled with sex-based stereotype like men should take the initiative and women should be passive, as teenage girls usually dare not to have their own opinions about sex rights or have the right to negotiating about sex. Therefore, teenagers need to see more about relationships with equal gender rights, and GOH has always been focusing on gender education and hoping it would take root in people’s mind. What’s more, in the society, there are a lot of thoughts about teenage girls’ unplanned pregnancies, such as considering girls are ignorant, playful, bad at studying, promiscuous or not knowing how to raise children. However, GOH has found out that many of those tags are wrong imaginations in its service,. The girls coming to GOH for help are diverse rather than being all the same. Those kids usually lack love, so in intimate relationships they seek love or wrong themselves to gain love.

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