Fight for Girls:The Press Conference of Taiwan Girls’ Day 2017/10/25
Press Conference of Taiwan Girls' Day.

The Garden of Hope Foundation (GOH) invited supermodel Liya Wang, together with three Asian Girl Ambassadors from Taiwan, the Philippines, and India to hold “Girls move to trun the world” press conference at the Rose Historic Site- Tsai Jui-yueh Dance Research Institute on 7th Octorber 2017. They d that sports would be the key to empower girls and encouraged Asian girls to show courage, self-confidence and vitality through sports (Fight for Girls!). GOH also hoped that every girl could see herself as a supporting role to turn the world.


Although it rained a lot, the Asian Girl Ambassadors who had travelled far to Taiwan arrived in the Rose Historic Site in the early morning for the Daughter’s Flag raising ceremony rehearsal. Indian Girl Ambassador Monisha Muniyandi, Filipino Girl Ambassador Flory Joy Alvarez, and Taiwanese Girl Ambassador Victoria Hwang marched in the field and held the flag high with One Billion Rising (OBR) theme music. They raised the Daughter’s Flag in honor of girls’ strength and glory.


CEO of GOH Hui-Jung Chi said that GOH has invested lots of resources to empower young girls according to five core values: "vitality, courage, knowledge, self-confidence, responsibility". This is similar to the OBR vision- fight against violence regardless of gender. The three Asian Girl Ambassadors who had been nominated for the Asian Girls Human Rights Award and the Asian Girls Community Development Award, had their bitter experiences of life: Monisha Muniyandi from India just recovered from traumatic burn injury and began her journey in ending violence. Flory Joy Alvarez from the Philippines is a survivor of car crash and is putting efforts in community based water resources management. She hopes that the communities nearby could have clean drinking water. Victoria Hwang from Taiwan advocated the reform of school uniform when she was in high school. She also builds a platform named “ read your pain ” to support groups for victims of sexual violence, and looks forward to see these girls to live their own life.


GOH also invited the famous supermodel Liya Wang to serve as the spokesman for Taiwan Girls’ Day in order to show girls' courage, self-confidence and vitality. Liya overcame difficulties through sports and established a new attitude towards life. She became a self-confidence and fearless person which is the best example of Taiwanese girls. Liya Wang thought that the most important thing for women is to learn how to take care of themselves, rather than entrust themselves to someone they do not know.


Taiwan was fascinated with sports because of 2017 Summer Universiade. From the world No. 1 badminton player Tai Tzu-ying we could see that girls could have outstanding performance in sports if she was encouraged, supported and had resources. GOH listed sport as a key value this year because of the slogan: "girls move to turn the world ". Girls would grow up to be women, and a powerful girl would be a powerful woman. Not only she does not need to rely on others, but could become someone’s " significant other "! GOH hopes that every girl could find what they are really good at and favorite sports and voice out the rights of girls.

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